Customer-based performance management for consultants

Conpulse is the new way to continuously measure and improve your consulting performance. Turning customer insights into actions that drive growth.



Bring your performance to the next level!

Bring your consulting performance to the next level with Conpulse

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When is the last time you Really Listened to Your Customer ?


Improve your Customers’ Experience

Map your customers’ satisfaction along the key dimensions of the customer journey. Commercial contacts, proposal stage, delivery, expertise transfer, team fit, and other factors.


Identify your Strength and Weaknesses

Internally and in comparison to the competition, set benchmarks. Confirm your strengths and areas for improvement, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Take actions that drive Customer Centricity

Customer focus at your fingertips. Use direct feedback to inspire actions to improve performance, expertise, and behaviors.


Continuously monitor Customer Relationships

Continuously take the pulse of your customer relationships. Identify weak signals, protect at-risk relationships, and continually build loyalty.

Mobilize the Entire Organization

Use Conpulse to engage your organization towards continuous improvement and customer excellence. Set improvement objectives for your teams, connect silos and drive cultural change.


Showcase Your Performance

Leverage your case studies and performance ratings in your proposals using secured QR Codes and Custom links. Share your performance ratings on Improveo.

The Impact


Stronger Customer Relationships

Strengthen your customer relationships. Establish joint performance improvement plans. Show that you care.


Reduced Risks

Monitor relationships and set up alert systems. Reduce churn by acting before the relationship gets damaged.


Continuous Improvement

Embark your teams on the continuous improvement journey. Set ambitious objectives for customer satisfaction and boost your performance..


Higher Growth

Retain current clients. Revitalize stale relationships. Find new opportunities. Showcase your skills and talents and generate new leads.

Why select Conpulse ?


Fully customizable solution

Conpulse can be tailored to fit the needs of consulting firms of all shapes and sizes. Multiple brands, separate balance sheets, capabilities, geographies, industries, you name it.


Tailored for the Consulting Category

We only work in the consulting industry. Surveys and demographics are tailored to the consulting industry’s specific requirements.


Enabling data driven decisions

Conpulse offers both qualitative and quantitative insights. You can make internal comparisons, but you can also compare your performance to peers.

Improveo on Conpulse

Integrated with Improveo

Conpulse works in tandem with our Consulting Quest Solutions. Showcase your accomplishments in your Improveo profile to gain trust and new leads.


With white glove support

Our teams are ready to assist you from the start. Setting up your profile, guiding you through the various steps, and assisting you later if necessary. Our premium support is provided at no additional cost.


Designed with Confidentiality & Security as priorities

We take your data’s security very seriously and work with the best in the industry for authentication, encryption, and storage to ensure it’s safe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work for solo consultants ?

  • Conpulse began when we were attempting to qualify consultants for projects by utilizing client references.
  • The application is suitable for both solo consultants and large teams.
  • In a nutshell, yes, it works for solo consultants.

How do you ensure Security & Confidentiality ?

    • We are aware that we are dealing with highly sensitive information, and Conpulse has been designed to ensure confidentiality.
    • We have made significant investments to ensure cutting-edge security features: Multiple factor authentication, data encryption, and web server firewalls are all examples of security measures.
    • We comply with the most recent regulations, including GDPR and Privacy Shield.
    • All benchmark data and community insights have been anonymized and scrubbed.
    • Simply put, we safeguard your data as if it were our own.

How long does it take to set-up and run as a project ?

  • You are in charge of the process, and you set the deadlines.
  • It only takes a few minutes to set up your company in conpulse.
  • The most time-consuming aspect of the process is obtaining responses from previous clients.
  • Data is computed in real time, so slicing and dicing should be fairly quick once you have your answers.
  • In general, analyzing a year’s worth of projects should take about 4 to 6 weeks.

Who has access to the information?

  • This is your data, and you have complete control over who has access to it.
  • You can choose whether to share or keep references private. It’s up to you.
  • Benchmark data is provided voluntarily and in an anonymous format.
  • However, in order to gain access to benchmarks, you must first grant access to scrubbed data. Its only fair.

Can conpulse work on multiple geographies ?

  • Your company is global, and your clients do as well.
  • Conpulse was created with the global market in mind.
  • Performance data can also be analyzed geographically.

What if I want consulting support ?

  • Conpulse was created to be a stand-alone application.
  • Some clients want to make the greatest possible impact in order to kickstart a transformation. Some wish to hasten the process.
  • In addition to questionnaires, some people prefer to conduct third-party interviews.
  • In such cases, we offer additional consulting services.
  • We will gladly assist you with your projects.

How does Conpulse interface with Improveo?

  • The Conpulse results are private. You may, however, choose to share your performance results.
  • In this case, Improveo will display surveys that you select as well as a global score when viewing your profile.
  • When you pitch, you can also provide temporary access to scrubbed case studies along with your Conpas scores.

Is Conpulse Multilingual ?

  • Conpulse was created with the intention of being multilingual.
  • We are gradually adding languages.
  • Look at the product roadmap to see where we are.
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