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About Conpulse
“If you can’t measure it you can’t improve it.”
Consultants have always been at the forefront of improvement, across industries and capabilities. Surprisingly, consulting performance seems to escape any form of standard measurement.
We have seen that any initiative by a firm for getting client feedback typically loses momentum after a few weeks. In the absence of continuous evaluative interactions, consulting firms are oblivious to the deterioration of the relationship, ultimately leading to a brutal drop in revenue.
Conpulse was born out of our aspiration to bridge this communication gap between clients and consultants.
Over the years, as part of the work we were doing to assess the references of consultants for sourcing projects we have developed Conpas — a robust methodology to assess consulting performance on projects using customer feedback.
We have now turned this methodology into Conpulse, a stand-alone SaaS allowing consultants to gather customer feedback, measure their performance, and derive actions to delight their clients and spur their growth.
Laurent Thomas

Chairman & Co-founder, Consulting Quest

About us
About us
About Consulting Quest

Founded in 2014, Consulting Quest is the world leader in consulting procurement. At Consulting Quest, we are convinced that Companies can better and faster reach their goals by smartly leveraging management consulting. “Creating more impact by better using, buying and managing Consulting Services”. We know how to help companies do just that.

We partner with executives as well as procurement teams. We provide customized solutions addressing all steps of the consulting sourcing process to control their costs and maximize the impact they get from their consulting spend. As the leading pure player on consulting sourcing, we operate on a global scale, blend digital and human capabilities to deliver on our promise: smart consulting sourcing.

Visit consultingquest.com for more information.

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